Big in Japan...

Coming soon to a toy shop near you. The Tuttuki Bako will bring some joy, fun and amusement to you. We guess this gadget will become a total funny trend.

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For Geeks: How to speek Japanese – Easily . Speak Japanese without saying somezing.

Learn how 2 speak japanese, without saying something! Impress your friends and family. It is not really hard and makes a lot of fun. And you will find out, that this language and culture is full of gestures!

Learn something that you can answer ANY question, that a japanese person asks..:

You can even combine different gestures.. Our guide and his lovely assistant will show you:

Find out what “I really love Fua-Kin” means!:

We hope you enjoy this funny videos as much as we did. Learn how to speak fluent japanese and you are king of street.