Big in Japan...

Coming soon to a toy shop near you. The Tuttuki Bako will bring some joy, fun and amusement to you. We guess this gadget will become a total funny trend.

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Chindogu ? Weird and funny japanese inventions …

The japanese are very creative people. Sometimes they even invent things, gadgets and toys that are really unusual.

The Chindogu phenomen is a good example. It can be described in words, but it better to take a look:

So some people will say that these are useless inventions: We say not!

What may be useless today, may be useful tomorrow!

Chindogus are trying to sole real world problems in a new and unconventional way. And a chindogu is sometimes just a prototype produced to get an funny picture. The concept of chindogus was invented by Mr. Kenji Kawakami and we are not quite sure the idea behind them is also ment satirical. Sometimes these gadget really make it into mass market so it
might be a good idea to take a close look at them, because maybe you will find the next big invention here.

Check the official website of Chindogu society
(japanese- but translated with a bot-service)