Big in Japan...

Coming soon to a toy shop near you. The Tuttuki Bako will bring some joy, fun and amusement to you. We guess this gadget will become a total funny trend.

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Different Country – Different Meaning – Japanese Body language

Japan is an interesting country and it will take a long time to learn the language for a westener. But a real g33k will just get himself a kewl book about the gestures of japanese and instantly understand, what people from japan are communicating. Understanding the culture, the body language and the gestures will help you undstand why the coolest toys are from japan.

How to speak with your body – Example of japanese gestures.. Do you know what it will mean? Take a look here:

Either way.. You better get yourself the “No language Communication Guide for Japanes” Guide, showing you about seventy gestures. Fully illustrated for the geek in you:

Get it here – 70 Japanese Gestures