Big in Japan...

Coming soon to a toy shop near you. The Tuttuki Bako will bring some joy, fun and amusement to you. We guess this gadget will become a total funny trend.

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About Tuttuki Bako


A great new toy from Japan. Bandai is offering a groundbreaking new gadget with an innovative interface approach. Simply stick your index finger into the hole in the device. Now you can see your finger on the screen and you can poke the little creatures inside the box virtually. Poke the panda-bear, or a slimy thing, or a face, etc. It’s really fun. Give it a try, you will be surprised, what japanese gadgets are offering.

See Tuttuki Bako in Action!

This virtual finger game features several mini games and is a new kind of augemented reality toy. Tuttuki Bako stands for poking box in English. Certainly this invention is a perfect and very unusal gift. Take a look at our video.

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