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Coming soon to a toy shop near you. The Tuttuki Bako will bring some joy, fun and amusement to you. We guess this gadget will become a total funny trend.

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Mugen Beer Can Opener Simulator/ Kan Beeru

Mugen Beer Can Mugen Kan Beeru

Beer lovers look here: Japanese Company Bandai has released the next must-have for boys, the Mugen Beer Can Opener. You can take the “beer can” with you, whereever you go and whenever you have the urge to open a beer can then just do it. We were told, that after 30times of opening there is some kind of surprise. So better get yourself a Kan Beeru and enjoy the sound of click, click & click. Just like the real thing. Yes You CAN!

Get Mugen Kan Beeru / Beer Can Here!

Simulate Opening of Beer Can with Mugen Beer Can aka Kan Beeru of Bandai!

For Geeks: How to speek Japanese – Easily . Speak Japanese without saying somezing.

Learn how 2 speak japanese, without saying something! Impress your friends and family. It is not really hard and makes a lot of fun. And you will find out, that this language and culture is full of gestures!

Learn something that you can answer ANY question, that a japanese person asks..:

You can even combine different gestures.. Our guide and his lovely assistant will show you:

Find out what “I really love Fua-Kin” means!:

We hope you enjoy this funny videos as much as we did. Learn how to speak fluent japanese and you are king of street.

Why is my baby crying?

.. You may wonder and ask yourself this question, if you are a fresh dad or mom. So why are babies crying? There are lot’s of reason and now there seems to be help on the way!

With the help of the Why Cry Baby Analyzer you can find out more. It’s not a fake, but are real gadget. So technology helps you in your daily life. Perfect tool for geek parents or a nice gift if you are a geek with babies around in your family (or with your friends!).

Take a look at the video-review of the Baby Cry Analyzer:

Cry Analyzer finds out Why Babies will Cry.

People who like the Baby Why Cry Analyizer, also like the
Baby Owners Manual! Makes a perfect gift too.

First Puzzle powered with Water

You like puzzles? Then you will like this one: A puzzle which is powered with water. Sound strange? It is. Nano Technolgy does the thing. Just add water to the gadget and you are ready to play around with this puzzle invented in Japan. A really cool tool! A Toy that you have not seen before, invented in japan.

The AquA (Water) Drop Game is endless fun. Just take a look how the puzzle itself works:

This game will offer you:
– Amazing puzzle game using nano technology 2 turn ordinary water into a very fast substance
– Four different styles 2 choose from
– No batteries
– Import from Japan
– Dimensions: 14,5cm / 11.7cm / 2.5cm

You can get a Water / Aqua Drop Game here.

Smallest Towel ever seen: From Pill to Towel

This is so japanese! You only have littlee space left, but you want to take your towel wherever you go? Then you need the pill which will convert into a towel. The only need to add water to this wonder pill. The hero from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was said to have pill also this rumours say. 🙂

The Pill2Towel looks like this:
Pill Towel Made in Japan
(Picture shows towel after magic decompression and the pill before! So it is an after – before image.)

We are sure that you have never seen something like this. A perfect gift for geeks! Booyaka!

We have found a serious dealer, where you actually can order the japanese towel pills. Order the Pill2Towel now!

Different Country – Different Meaning – Japanese Body language

Japan is an interesting country and it will take a long time to learn the language for a westener. But a real g33k will just get himself a kewl book about the gestures of japanese and instantly understand, what people from japan are communicating. Understanding the culture, the body language and the gestures will help you undstand why the coolest toys are from japan.

How to speak with your body – Example of japanese gestures.. Do you know what it will mean? Take a look here:

Either way.. You better get yourself the “No language Communication Guide for Japanes” Guide, showing you about seventy gestures. Fully illustrated for the geek in you:

Get it here – 70 Japanese Gestures

Chindogu ? Weird and funny japanese inventions …

The japanese are very creative people. Sometimes they even invent things, gadgets and toys that are really unusual.

The Chindogu phenomen is a good example. It can be described in words, but it better to take a look:

So some people will say that these are useless inventions: We say not!

What may be useless today, may be useful tomorrow!

Chindogus are trying to sole real world problems in a new and unconventional way. And a chindogu is sometimes just a prototype produced to get an funny picture. The concept of chindogus was invented by Mr. Kenji Kawakami and we are not quite sure the idea behind them is also ment satirical. Sometimes these gadget really make it into mass market so it
might be a good idea to take a close look at them, because maybe you will find the next big invention here.

Check the official website of Chindogu society
(japanese- but translated with a bot-service)

BubbleWrap Simulator: The Puti Puti / Puchi Puchi

You feel the constant urge to keep your fingers in constant action?

Then should check out this toy:
It is a Bubble Warp Simulator on a Keychain.

This is really endless fun, because the bubble themselves will never burst. You can go on and on and reduce your stress. And: You can listen to the typical “plop” sound each time you destroy a bubble. It comes also handy, because this toy has a keychain so you will be able to carry it around. Next to the typical sound you can also feel the typical feeling and we were told that every 100th click will produce a bonus sound-effect. Every 50 pop you will hear an anime phrase too. Perfect for your keychain.

The Perfect gift for nerds!

Singing Tengu Toy – 7faces

The Tengu is a nice gadget from Japan. Basically it’s a plastic face consting of LED’s with a builtin microphone that will
pick up every noize around, like music or speech. AND: The Tengu-Face will move it’s mouth, doing an almost perfect lip-sync.

Watch a Tengu ‘singing’ American Pie to see it in action.

– USB powered
– Seven different faces
– Must Have 4 geeks
– Lip sync mouth movement to sounds
– Reacts to sounds!

You can Order a Tengu here!

More gadgets will be included soon

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